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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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miss megyn is next with glenn beck weighing in about governor cuomo's remarks about conservatives. remember the spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out for you. tonight on the kelly file. new developments with this massive snowstorm. and the kelly file exclusive, with tim scott after he is attacked by the naacp. plus, breaking tonight, the obama administration has filed a multibillion dollar lawsuit against a company that didn't do what the president wanted. plus a bombshell in the massive credit card ripoff at target. some of the stole n data has jut turned up, and the news is not
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good. glenn beck issues a challenge to the new york governor, where he said conservatives are not welcome in the state. wait until you see how beck answered the question. when you think of your time here, how do you remember it? big night on the kelly files. a major u.s. company accusing the obama administration of using a multibillion dollar lawsuit as political retaliation. welcome to the kelly file, i'm megyn kelly. standard & poors threw down a stunning challenge, claiming a sworn declaration, that president obama's former u.s. treasury secretary threatens the chairman of s&p's parent company in a phone call that warned of consequences after the downgrade came. now, it came allegedly and angered the white house by
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downgrading the u.s. credit rating in the middle of the 2011 debt ceiling debate. the sworn legal declaration harold mcgraw, iii says "geithner said, you have done an enormous disservice to yourselves and your country. such behavior could not occur without a response from the government. now, the justice department has filed a $5 billion lawsuit filed about a year ago, accusing s&p of lying about the credit worthiness of financial instruments of the 2008 fine crisis. s&p is calling the lawsuit meritless, they believe this is all political retaliation. for that downgrade that we saw.
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our fox news digital politics editor who did extensive investigation into that situation. this is the same as in court testimony. he hasn't been examined yet by the chief of this company who says, what, take us through exactly what he's alleging happened. >> so here's what they're saying happen happened the lawsuit was filed for retaliation of s&p 500's downgrading of the united states' worthiness. timothy geithner is not going to let this go without notice. there's going to be consequences. >> the allegation is that the department of justice is filing -- a multibillion dollar
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fraud case against this company because they're ticked off that s&p 500 downgraded the u.s. it was not well received by the obama administration? >> correct. >> they have the right to do it. >> take us through the person who has filed this declaration. who is this guy? >> he ain't glenn beck. he is mr. mcgraw. he is a serious individual. he is not a conservative activist, he is not somebody who is known for his criticism of any political figures or anybody at all. what he's known for is being a white shoe elite new york big business chamber of commerce gives money to democrats and republicans kind of guy, not someone who you would expect to ever hear criticize anybody in power of either party. >> so he -- i looked at the
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declaration myself. we put the quote on the board showing the audience what he is alleging was the threat and what happened, and because he claims jay that they threatened him specifically, but the doj comes out and says, well, we were investigating your company long before you had this conversation with mr. geithner, so how could the lawsuit be in retaliation for the downgrade. we started our investigation of you prior to the alleged threat we made to you. >> yes, and the answer -- we want the evidence, we want the information, we want discovery on this very point. because the only group that was in investigation by doj as to the three major credit bureaus. the only one that gets prosecuted happens to be the one that goes ahead and downgrades the security rating of the united states. and the affirmative defense here, the retaliation defense
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which has been -- if you look at the electra jeblgtry of how these cases have gone with doj, we shouldn't be surprised there's retaliation for this, they have the right in my view to get those documents, to prove its defense that this lawsuit is nothing but politics and was retaliation for what s&p determined to be the credit worthiness of the united states, that simple. >> is it plausible that the department of justice would file this size of a lawsuit against one of the major three credit rating agencies. in retaliation for the downgrade. how bad was that downgrade to the white house, to the president's political fortunes. why would they think it was a big deal? >> they had not yet come up with a way that they could fully blame republicans for it. the -- at the moment there was a tipping point in the narrative,
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people said, we're spending and borrowing so much money, we're in a hole, and this is terrible. and then the default word. they struck on the d word, which was default. republicans want to default, want to default. you couldn't go anywhere without hearing default, default, default. they changed the narrative, and then it was a republican problem they said, there was a moment during this dashboard gripping panic, that they were going to do anything they could to let mcgraw-hill know don't go there. >> it's an interesting case. the department of justice has denied that these two things are connected in anyway. they started investigating s&p prior to that conversation between mr. geithner and this mcgraw hill, this s&p executive. and s&p is trying to dismiss similar lawsuits to 15 states
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that have brought a lawsuit as well. we can't allege retaliation in each one of these. we'll see if the defense holds up in court. gentlemen, thank you. >> you bet. one year to the day since president obama was sworn in for his second term. the real clear politics polls show the ratings have been on a steady downward slide. a total swing of 20 points in the last 12 months. look at that, the red is the disapproval, the white is the approval. you can see they're going in the wrong direction for the president currently. ed henry is live in the snow at the white house. ed? >> megyn dedicated to you and your viewers. the poll numbers come down because i spoke to rob portman today, he said it's because of health care, the president's signature domestic achievement has broken promises on that issue that really brought those
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numbers down in the last couple months, the pushback from the white house tonight. i spoke to him in one of the president's senior advisers, look, they believe they're going to turn health care, more and more young people will start signing up in the months ahead. they're not there yet obviously, that is their hope. the problem for the president is one year ago today, he spoke a lot about a very aggressive progressive agenda. not just on health care, but on. on climate change, on immigration reform, and he basically has gotten no major victories on those issues, in part because he's been pinned down on implementing health care. that's why when i spoke to joe today, he said this is why the state of the union address is so critical next week. the president has one final chance to grab the nation's attention. get his agenda on other issues because he becomes a lame duck. >> thank you. one week from tonight we will be covering the state of the union address.
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president obama promised last year he would work with lawmakers on a number of issues. he's sounding a different sort of message in recent days. >> where congress isn't acting, i'll act on my own. >> we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure we're providing americans the kind of help they need. one of the things that i'm going to be talking to my cabinet about, is how do we use all the tools available to us, not just legislation. i've got a pen and i've got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward. >> in the meantime, i'm directing my administration to move forward where we can on our own. i'm also going to act on my own if congress is deadlocked. i have a pen to take executive action. >> brit hummes our senior political analyst. he has a pen and a phone. >> well, maybe -- well, he does
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have a pen and a phone, and the most potent news of the pen is a veto. he doesn't have to worry about vetoing much of anything. any legislation that he might dislike won't get through the senate, so he's rarely had to worry about vetoing anything. as for what he can do with the pen to sign executive orders, there's some things he can do. they're not very big or he already would have done them. that's the issue here. he does have a telephone, he can call people up, he can stage events at the white house and rally his base, you should never understatement his ability to do that. best i've ever seen. but that only goes so far. >> there he goes on the phone. >> all presidents can do that. i don't mean to be little it, about it can only go so far. >> what does it tell you that he's now at the point of, you know, i've got a pen and a phone and i'm going to act on my own. >> it's about all he's got left. he's basically been politically, in terms of legislation and major initiatives, frozen since
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the republicans got control of the house in 2010. and the republicans who came in, not to mention those who were already there are not at all sympathetic to his agenda, in order for him to get anything through the congress that he wants, he has to make the kind of concessions he's so far been unwilling to make. for example, he would like to see an increase -- i mean, a continuation of these unemployment benefits. that have been on an emergency basis for some time. he could get that, but he would have to pay for it, that is to say, he would have to find savings in other parts of the budget. he's unwilling to do that. he can't really get anything done, he's not willing to give up enough for better or worse to do it. that's the kind of horse trading you want to do. otherwise you're stuck with a pen and a telephone. >> they're beautiful pens, we see them when he signs bills into law. he has tried to do certain
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things because he believes there's an obstructionist congress. in his defense, they say this congress is the least productive ever. and the one before that was just as unproductive. he says he has to do something. he did things like appoint guys to the nlrb without congressional approval, on what he said were recesses and the courts have said, no, theyen with the and so on. do you see this next -- the remainder of his presidency as being mired in court proceedings as we've seen in the past year? >> there will be more of this. as you pointed out, those mlrb appointments and a bunch of others that he made during the -- and a bunch of other things that were done during that senate appointment -- the supposed recess, which i think the supreme court is going to find was not a recess at all. the senate is the body that gets to decide when it's in recess, that's all going to be struck down. when the deployments are struck down, all kinds of actions that were taken with those appointees will fall with them, so this is
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an example of the limits you find when you're using your pen to order things or get things done. it's one thing he can do that's worth noting, it appears he's going to make some appointments to the u.s. court of appeals here in washington, because the senate has decided they're not going to permit any more filibusters on such nominees. >> and they review a lot of what he does. >> a number of regulatory agencies, and it will mean he will have a better chance of having regulations that he signs with his pen or that are signed in the agencies that he presides over, to stand if that -- if he can fill that court -- fill out that court in the way he wants. >> i too have a pen and a phone. see you, got too go. extreme weather alert tonight on the monster snowstorm making it a dangerous night for tens of millions of americans right now. a powerful system is dumping up to a foot of snow over a
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thousand mile stretch. the i-95 corridor is getting hit especially hard. thousands of flights were cancelled today, hundreds are grounded for tomorrow. and the worst may be yet to come. we begin with our meteorologist with a look at the forecast for the rest of the night. >> 25it's going to get worse because the winds are going to pick up. already an historic storm. look at philadelphia, 11 inches for philadelphia. that is the greatest snowfall they have received for february 1st. little yardley pa 11.5. central park 7.6. we're going to see more snow throughout the evening. the gusty winds are going to kick in, the storm is strengthening off the coast as you see. seeing heavy snow around long island, new york. 14 inches unofficially there as well. up toward connecticut, rhode island and coastal massachusetts under a blizzard warning.
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and can you see those wind gusts, 20, 30 miles per hour already. and this storm really hasn't even gotten wound up yet off the coast, but there's our official snow totals for new york city 10 to 14. some areas i think we could see two feet of snow. this is quite an impressive event. and something we were sort of caught offguard for sure, us forecast forecasters. >> we will see you soon. thank you very much. on to todd in new york, where the governor has declared a state of emergency. todd? >> he sure has. the winds have arrived, it is frigid out here, there are sheets of ice blowing in my face. i'm standing along the west side highway, the road between new york and new jersey. and every few moments there are convoys, convoys of snow plows. i have to tell you, it's been a very difficult task.
6:17 pm
just a few moments ago i saw someone using skis cross country skis down the middle of the street. driving, getting around here, new york city very treacherous. by the way, man's best friend? this right here, a snow shovel, very good for clearing sidewalks and it's also good, just in case you run into a mugger. >> get to work. thanks. also breaking tonight, a kelly file exclusive, new fallout after an influential leader currently serving in the senate. a ventriloquist can always find a good dummy. and the extreme right wing down here in south carolina finds a black guy to be senator and claims he's the first black senator since reconstruction, and then he goes to washington, d.c., and articulates the agenda of the tea party. now, in the kelly file
6:18 pm
exclusive, senator scott is here to respond. good of you to be here, i want to tell you the naacp has responded to us in part on these comments, just tonight before we came to air, ien watt to read knew part how they have responded. there is no apology, i'll start with that. they say, speaking of dr. martin luther king, he emphasized love and justice rather than extremism, unless we stand for justice, we cannot claim allegiance to or pay homage to dr. king, period. in a state such as south carolina, politicians, whether they be black or white should not be echoing the position of the far right, there you have it, you should not be echoing that position, and the naacp has pronounced it as such. your thoughts? >> pretty remarkable, and absolutely ridiculous. here's what we should be thinking about, megyn. think about the fact that since the last five and a half years we've seen 7 million more americans fall into poverty, as they're looking forward to an opportunity. we're hearing baseless rhetoric
6:19 pm
about the same old things have not worked so far. for him to attack me, it's as if you have conservative principles, ideas that actually work. it hasn't taken those who are living in poverty out of it. as you walk-through the restaurants, drive the local bus, we find people strapped. stuck in poverty. >> they said that's the fault of the far right, and that's why they're going after you. and with the name calling that you're a dummy, you're a ventriloquist dummy, because you believe in the conservative position. >> i did almost -- i certainly understand why people would have some kind of opinion that suggests we're not as strong on the right. here's what happens when you almost flunk out of high school. you find a mentor that teaches you can think your way out of poverty. the best and brightest opportunities aren't found by looking for the government to bring it to you, but it's found by looking in the mirror and blaming yourself if you don't
6:20 pm
succeed. if you've been given the god given talents and skills to work -- and if you do so, this country rewards you with amazing opportunity, outstanding success, and what we should be preaching all over the country. we should be preaching the fact that in this country, conservatism free markets, capitalism produces greater success 37. >> why do you think -- the naacp seems to stand up for the rights of african-americans, but only liberal ones. >> that's the key. we're not talking any longer about standing up for the rights of a racial minority, we're now talking about finding a way to have a conversation about philosophical bigotry, this is a brand spankin' new day, there's a major threat coming from the right. it's not moving further to the right, it's actually having a conversation where we embrace people who are in need and in
6:21 pm
trouble. and we show people, as i was shown, the path forward using basic common sense principles that govern the actual economy. and that's where you create a job, make a profit, you can use that profit to create wealth, these are basic simple principles that are taught every single day in the workforce. >> we haven't seen any apology. senator scott, thanks for being here. >> absolutely, yes, ma'am. >> also tonight -- dramatic new developments in the massive credit card ripoff at target. wait until you hear what officials southerned when they busted two people at the mexican border. glenn beck has a message for andrew cuomo after the governor suggested conservatives are not welcome in new york state. and beck's fascinating answer.
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former virginia governor bob mcdonnell speaking out. the mcdonnell's are accused of accepting gifts and loans from the owner of a company that makes health supplements. he's denying any wrongdoing. >> of all the federal investigation of my family has been indescribably agonizing over this past year, i believe that the facts and the law are clearly on our side. and we will face these false allegations with strength and firm resolve. >> while still in office, he apologized for accepting the gifts and repaid thousands.
6:26 pm
also developing tonight, a big break in the massive security break at target. so many people affected by this. customs and border agents caught two mexican nationals trying to enter america with fraudulent credit cards believed to be connected to the holiday hacking. trace? the feds only say those two suspects who were busted for credit card fraud have not yet been linked to the target breach, the police chief says they have been connected to the breach and the feds told him they're connected. the suspects were arrested after using stolen credit card data to buy tens of thousands of dollars in electronics. they started buying electronics last week, after banks notified authorities, the suspects were i.d. 'd using surveillance tape from the stores. they're believed to be a much bigger part of the group.
6:27 pm
they've been in contact with overseas hackers and bought the card information. they made a series of phony cards by overriding the magnetic strip on the back. this is a fairly common practice among thieves. >> you can go to the black market sites and find out where these cards are being sold and buy them in bulk. it's something people do all the time. >> authorities believe the original hackers overseas are trying to sell the stolen credit card information region to region, megan, as quickly as they can. so everyone who shops at target, keep an eye on your statements. >> thank you. up next, glenn beck is here with his message for new york state governor andrew cuomo who has yet to apologize for saying pro life pro gun rights conservatives have no place in
6:28 pm
his state. first lady michelle obama offering up some praise for the politically savvy jane fonda? the woman some call hanoi jane? take a look at this, follow me on twitter @megynkelly. glenn beck is next. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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a new fallout tonight is one of the most powerful voices on the airwaves today, writes a hard hitting open letter to new york state governor andrew cuomo. reacting to his recent remarks that conservatives have no place in new york state. >> their problem is not me and the democrats, their problem is themselves. who are they? are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay? is that who they are? because if that's who they are and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that's not who new yorkers are. >> glenn beck is the man who wrote that letter to governor cuomo. founder and chairman of "the
6:33 pm
blaze." this got you all fired up, explain why? >> because i think what's happened here, cuomo is reacting to bill de blasio. there's a hostile takeover from the radical left in new york. and i think he's trying to assert his position. it's a position that's going to leave him in the dust of history. if he can't -- he says he's talking about politicians, but, okay, if we can't have politicians who stand up for the constitution, stand up because they have a point of view, that you have a right to life as an unborn child. the hatred of gays is a separate thing, those two in particular are seth for us to argue about and have debate about especially in politics. if we can't live in the same state and work in the same state, what do we have? we have to decide, can we live with people of different points of view? if we can't, we've seen that
6:34 pm
road in the 20th century over and over again and it doesn't end well. >> he's talking about politicians, the problem for governor cuomo among others, he finishes it by saying, those politicians giving him the benefit of the doubt have no place in the state of new york, that's not who new yorkers are. and we have so many viewers write in and say, who is he to say, who new yorkers are, i mean, you look at the state's make-up and yes, the state leans left. we have prior to governor cuomo a governor in this state. there have been many politicians in new york state who have been pro life and not anti-gun as governor cuomo would have the world believe. you talk about the importance of respecting minority rights, and the troubles it leads to when we don't do that? >> governor cuomo sounds a little like the governor of alabama when he was talking about the freedom bus, and saying that martin luther king, and those who want to march with
6:35 pm
martin luther king and march on the freedom bus should get out of the state, there's no place for those people here. i mean, where would the disenfranchised of the world in history be if we didn't have that push back. here's a group of people, and governor cuomo would be all for tenure at schools. but we can't fire a teacher because we need to protect that discourse. but in political life, we can't have a free exchange of ideas because you don't belong here? we were one of the first on the scene -- my charity organization which has given millions away in the last 18 months. we were the first from texas back to new york, we have helped some of the hospitals in new york with hundreds of thousands of dollars, we're good citizens, we're there, we put our money
6:36 pm
and our back where our heart is, plus, we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax. we employ over 200 people. i have 200 people that work in new york state and new york city. are they not welcome? is our money not welcome? >> are you going to leave? you suggest in the letter you might. >> i'm already in texas, i figured that one long ago. i have employees who grew up in new york, live in new york, love new york. we have to have a presence in new york. i will tell you, i make my case almost weekly to all my employees up in new york. we have 150,000 square foot movie studio in dallas, texas with an office with your name on it, what are you doing? what are you doing? >> it's the beautiful weather. >> yeah, i know it is. it's great in new york right now, isn't it? >> wait, before we wrapped up the interview, i asked this question.
6:37 pm
>> it's been a few years since you've been with us here at the fox news channel. i remember when you came. what a phenom you became when you were at fox. now you're king of the airwaves. when you think of your time here, how do you remember it now? and glenn beck's answer was -- well, you decide. before we close out the show, we're going to play it for you. plus, growing controversy, as the first lady offers up praise for jane fonda who many vietnam vets refer to as hanoi jane. we'll show you what's behind it next. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience. for what reality teaches you firsthand. the face of danger, and unr the most demanding circumstances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. anexperience... has built this.
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the first lady taking some heat for remarks she made to "people" magazine, suggesting jane fonda is the kind of woman she might want do live or look
6:42 pm
like when she, michelle obama reaches the age of 70 or 80. she calls miss fonda a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy sharp woman. for some folks, this is the image of miss fonda that lives on. joining me now to discuss it richard fowler. david webb. this is the magazine, by the way, trysta and ryan are still together and have two beautiful children in case you were wondering. >> thank you. >> my shelg obama is in this article saying jane fonda is politically savvy, what do you make of it. >> why don't we have a poll of vietnam veterans and ask what they think. i'll leave it at that. my father was a vietnam veteran,
6:43 pm
i went to many gatherings. i would pick someone else who is politically savvy. >> if she said i want to have a body like jane fonda when i'm 70 zm everyone would say, absolutely. but when she added the politically savvy. >> 60,000 american troops that died. why are you sitting there with the north vietnamese with the helmet on your head, sitting there smiling and making these anti-war comments when you have pows, and tens of thousands of american troops that died. she said they're liars and hypocrites. >> she's very alienating to some vietnam vets. she started this movie the bachelor, and she got pushed back for portraying nancy
6:44 pm
reagan. she came out and said, i figured it would tweak the right, who cares. she's been quoted as calling american soldiers war criminals, she told the veterans who are upset about that rule to get a life. should the first lady be holding her up as a figure she admires? >> i think in the article, she represents a civil rights activist, and i think michelle obama is trying to say, listen, these are women that have a longevity in their career, they've learned to navigate their business and they've done it well. you also have to understand that for a lot of times, outspoken women in the 60s, 70s and 80s were always dimonized on both sides -- >> going to the enemy of the united states and calling american soldiers killers, the things that she did, you look at the kill ratio in the weeks that followed hanoi jane's visit. go talk to the vietnam veterans about this across america and see how they feel about it. she said -- >> and nothing --
6:45 pm
>> what she said was she's politically savvy, and someone should -- come on, really? >> only because i know -- as you do, i hear from vietnam vets all the time, every time we do a story on jane fon dark they're not fans. >> let's turn to something much more pressing. this speed skater is -- well, here's the deal. this guy on the back, i love that we blurred it, it's totally obvious what he's doing. for showing his true feelings after he came in second. he lost a big race, watch what happ happened. >> that's the second i day in a row he was beat by the same guy. they said he's a poor sport.
6:46 pm
the whole dutch team was disqualified. this has turned into a big deal. should he have been disqualified? >> what do they do when they start the olympics, they release birds, right? these two birds just came out a little bit -- in the sport, you're going at it, this is dutch versus russia, healthy competition there. >> he was frustrated. i'm sure he's not thinking, this is something that's inappropriate. but you know. >> the global sportsmanship. >> they probably all do this behind closed doors, but it's not necessarily to the winner, it's like, half the time it's to yourself, like why did i mess up. but compared to what we saw with sherman, from the seattle seahawks, the guy that was talking to erin andrews the other night, he went off on a tirade, i'm the best, i --
6:47 pm
>> the final play, take me through it. >> i'm the best in the game. when you pair me with crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> no one's talking about you. >> don't you open your mouth or i'll stand up for you real quick. >> all right, before -- >> guys, the testosterone gets flowing in these competitions, does it not? and we're too thin skinned like -- no one has seen two birds fly. and. >> you have to look at what happened with sherman before that, there was an altercation on the field. i've been in the huddle this is a game of men going after each other, testosterone is flying. it was a bad moment for him. >> should we be holding them to a higher standard or be more forgiving? >> i agree with dave on this one. there's a golf tournament incident between the two,
6:48 pm
there's a lot of issues they took out on the football field. >> how about the poor dutch guy, he lost twice in a row to this guy. >> i hear you. >> they're hitting each other, and sacking each other. >> that was jinxy, double bird. >> that's disqualified. >> tell me what you think o on @megynkelly. i'll tweet out a picture of me on my first day on fox news, you will laugh. glenn beck on his time at fox. plus, hannity at the top of the hour. sean, i have wondered for some time, is that your real natural hair? >> pull it. come on. pull it hard. >> you're going to get mad at me. >> no, pull. >> i'm not going to pull your
6:49 pm
hair. >> pull, harder. the end. lovely read susan. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia.
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glenn beck had a very successful run here at fox news, but also became a bit of a lightning rod. he's since gone on to build a new media company, the blaze. which is incredibly successful and are has a great website by the way. i asked him to reflect on his time at fnc. it's been a few years since you've been here with us at the fox news channel. what a phenom you became while you were at fox. now you're king of the airwaves. we put together a couple moments, who could forget you with the anita dunn red phone. i feel like this is what people remember. anita dunn at the white house, and she was allowed to call you here. i want to show a clip. >> we have installed this telephone, the only people that
6:54 pm
have it are the people now in anita dunn's office in the white house. >> you had that and the dead fish out there, and sometimes you were dancing on the set. when you -- when you think back on your time here, how do you remember it now? >> i remember it as an awful lot of fun, and that i made an awful lot of mistakes, and i wish i could go back and be more uniting in my language. because i think i played a role unfortunately in helping tear the country apart. and it's not who we are. i didn't realize how really fragile the people were. i thought we were kind of a little more in it together. and now i look back and i
6:55 pm
realize if we could have talked about the uniting principles a little more, instead of just the problems, i think i would look back on it a little more fondly. but that's only my role. >> isn't that so interesting? let me know what you think about it, go to kellyfile. or send me a tweet @megynkelly. conditions are going downhill rapidly across big marts of the eastern u.s. man oh, man is it snowing out. and cold. we're tracking a major snowstorm hitting one third of all americans tonight. i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something.
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
>> oh, wait. our little devil is playing snow angel. we'll have to get back to her. one of my followers on twitter says, breaking news. cuomo declares storm emergency, all conservatives need to evacuate. follow me on twitte twitter @megynkelly. we got there. welcome to hannity, tonight governor cuomo does not have the nerve to face me after saying extreme conservatives, you know, people who are pro life, pro traditional marriage, they're not welcome in the state of new york, yet he still wants my hard earned tax dollars. i am not alone, and that is coming up on this edition, tonight of hannity. >> are we fired up today? >> andrew cuomo calls out extreme conservatives. >> they have no place in new york. that's not who new yorkers


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